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Our New Home … Settling in Summer/Winter 2023
It's been a great summer working with the Village Art In the Park every weekend. Lot's of wonderful people and great art. Lorrisa loves serving wine at her tasting room. We added a member of the family - His name is Maxwell 'Sammie' Dussault. He was rescued by Lorrisa and he is fitting in perfectly with us. Great visits with grandkids, parents and friends. Working with the Winter Sports Club now, and having a great time playing with Big Boy Toys. Lots of fun every day. We got the first snow of the season and are looking forward to a wonderful winter.
Around Leavenworth
A selection of images around your new town. Recently we transplanted here from Anacortes and we love it. We are looking forward to more great times and experiences here in Beautiful Leavenworth.
MidLife Road Trip Around The USA
A quick trip turned into seven weeks. A wonderful time spent with family and friends.
Around Burrows Island
Our quick getaway on the tender just outside Skyline Marina, often enjoyed on short notice. A great place for a picnic or afterwork sunset for two. Lots to explore and great inlets.
Watmough Bay Weekend, Lopez
We love the protection and quietness of this bay. It is a great place for kayaking and hiking. Its one of our favorite spots.
Spencer Spit Getaway, Lopez
Spencer Spit is a great place to sunbathe and play. The beach is fun to explore while the bay is great to kayak. Lopez township is close and a great break form the water and a nice walk.
Around Eagle Harbor, Cypress
A great spot to hook up and hang for a few days. Great trails to hike and small beaches to explore. Take the tender to small islands nearby and see some great wildlife. Protected and calm great for paddle boards and family fun.
Smugglers Cove Weekend, Cypress
A great spot to spend some time. When the weather is nice and seas are calm this is a must see. Great exploring and cliffs to hike. Rock climb from the water with pre-set anchors. Wonderful views and super quiet.
SeaTales Vol. 8.5 Reids Bay, Stuart Island
SeaTales Vol. 8.4 Echo Bay, Sucia Island
SeaTales Vol. 8.3 Fossil Bay, Sucia Island
SeaTales Vol. 8.2 Clark Island State Park
Picnic on a beach anyone? This is the perfect spot.
SeaTales Vol. 8 Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island
First Stop. windy again. Nice to wake up to beautiful sunrise and good breakfast and espresso
SeaTales Vol. 7
Mud Bay, Lopez Island. Well, turned into a very quiet weekend. L feeling a bit under the weather and I'm still nursing some bruised ribs. So a peaceful, quiet restful weekend. We will revisit the bay to take short stories into shore and walk to the local market. More volumes to come for sure!
SeaTales Vol. 6
Watmough Bay, Lopez Island
SeaTales Vol. 5
Cypress Island, Eagle Harbor, Pelican Beach, Smugglers cove
SeaTales Vol. 4
Cypress & Eastsound Orcas
SeaTales Vol. 3
Fist Over Nighter - Lopez Island
SeaTales Vol. 2
Burrows island day trip
Short Stories Vol.1
First trip out of the slip on our new dinghy
Typical Saturday Morning
Clicking Time
Around The Water
On the job pics that make the day of working a bit more enjoyable.
Mountain Exploring Feb.4 2018
Mountain Mudtrails March 11, 2018
Trip.10. Baker Rim
Trip.4. - Stop & Go from Baker-#16
Travel Photography
Rovering 2017
Camping Collection from all our trips this year. 16 total trips exploring the northwest access roads.
Rovering The Scenic Views
Rovering the East Side of the Cascade Mountains
2016 Camping Collection
A new map. A new vehicle. A new territory to explore!
Dock Butte North Cascades
Africa Travel Selection 2014
Our time in Mazatlan 2010
Second Week with Kids in Mazatlan 2010
First week with the kids in Mazatlan 2010
Mazatlan Event
Contrast of Mexico show- images
collection used to raise money for the kids.
Mazatlan-Los Cabos-Stone Island-La Paz -Mexico 2009
Germany 2006
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